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Re: Yachad, was Re: Ioudaios: The Dead Sea Scrolls

It's just from reading -- I've said this before -- I am not as well 
versed as most peopl writing here -- yet I can conjecture just as well as 
anyone else.

>From verious articles in BAR and Br, I see that Qumran could have 
possible (?) been a seaport -- there's evidence that might not have been 
a monastery at all -- that the Qumran monastics were located at a more 
remote side som e distance to the north (possible) -- fine -- again I ask 
-- could it be that the caves became a repository for the scrolls from 
all over Judea during the wars with the Romans? -- not only monastic 
writings but those of varous Jewish sects.  A safe hiding place for what 
to them were valuable writings -- and of course tody they h ave become 
invaluable.  things are done in times of crisis that are not ordinarily 
done -- explainig some questionable findings.