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Yachad, was Re: Ioudaios: The Dead Sea Scrolls

On Wed, 21 Aug 1996, Avital Pinnick wrote:

> >From dsuter@catadon.stmartin.eduWed Aug 21 06:21:46 1996

> Much of the discussion on IOUDAIOS of late has centered around the issue 
> of the connection between the manuscript finds and the ruins of a 
> building compound at Qumran, as well as the issue of the nature of the 
> community, or communities, producing the manuscripts.  In this regard, 
> I'm surprised that so far no one has picked up on the announcement on 
> Orion over the weekend by Esthie Eshel of the contents of one of the 
> ostraca found at Qumran this spring.  According to her note, it contains 
> the deed of an estate, including a house and a slave, to the Yahad.  The 
> implication, I believe you will find, is that this ostracon, found along 
> a wall between the cemetary and the building complex, provides a link 
> between the scrolls and the buildings.  

Before such conclusion can be reached, its imperative to establish 
whether the term "yachad" actually appears in the ostraca, or whether the 
interpretation of the text is made on the bases of the _assumption_ that 
if a gift was given to some community, that community must have been the 
yachad. I am actually willing to indulge in a bet - its the second case. 
I do not think the term "yachad" is there. Just a hunch, no special info.

Best, Asia