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Re: apartment(on Orion list?)

On why no comment about an apartment listing on the Orion list. Many of
the members of the list are actively pursuing research involving the
scrolls, and go back and forth to Jerusalem as often as possible. 

It takes an average of six weeks to find an apartment to rent in 
Jerusalem, according to one rental agency. If one has two months to spend 
on one's research, and spends three-quarters of the time just looking
for a cheap place to stay, very little research will be done.

There are two small archaeological hostels in East Jerusalem, the British 
School and the Albright Institute. One might possiby also stay at the
Ecole Biblique, also in East Jerusalem, larger and more expensive. Much 
of the time they are all already booked; various preferences also apply, 
unlike hotels. For example, the Albright is almost always full with 
people who have specific fellowships to stay there. 

So apartment-finding aids are part of the work of a list such as Orion.

Sigrid Peterson   UPenn   petersig@ccat.sas.upenn.edu