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Re: administrative reminder

Dear Avital
Thank you for your guidance and patience. As it happens, my comment the
other day was the very first time that I used this tool, hence the improper
use. In fact, I'm not yet sure how to edit a message I received, but I will
learn (tried to do that while responding to your personal comment to me,
using the Eudora program and failed).

The Academy of Jerusalem is concerned with the Heavenly Jerusalem and +her+
connections to the earthly Jerusalem and the world at large. I do not know
yet how close are these to the concerns of the Orionites, but I'll stay
politely by the sidelines to watch.

Sincerely yours
Dr. Yitzhak Hayutman, cyber-architect
director, the Academy of Jerusalem,
Jerusalem (Old City), Israel.

At 07:54 PM 8/17/96 +0300, you wrote:
>	The list manager (there is only one--me) is not offended by brief 
>discussions on pedantry or temples but would like to offer two gentle 
>1) Please edit long messages which you are quoting. Most of us have sharp 
>enough memories to recall messages which were sent 3 days ago and don't 
>need to have the entire discussion in front of us. Also, it's a bit 
>tiring scrolling through 4 screens to get to the latest contribution.
>2) Please sign your posts with your name and, optionally, a geographical 
>indicator or institutional affiliation.
>Avital Pinnick
>list moderator