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Re: temples

Dear Jim Davila
Thank you for the clarifications about Orion. I gathered as much from the
general tenor of the discussions. I am a novice to Internet usage and
ettiquette, and am glad to learn. I was glad to see how your forum works,
that by mentioning the book by knohl (apparently needlessly) it still caused
a useful academic exchange. 
To present myself - my name is Dr. Yitzhak (Isaac) Hayutman. My own
qualifications are from "the sciences of the artificial" - architecture and
cybernetics, so I'm a limping partner for an academic discussion - but I
appreciate it as a delettant. I am producing, however, a book about the
Temple that will evidence meticulous scholarship - even through it bridges
from the studies of the past to futuristic plans. Yes, we are producing
plans for the future temple - at present as a VR Internet entity that will
give the +experience+ of some important temple functions. It confronst the
complex political and religious questions head on - and in totally original
ways that take the sting off them. For this, a thourough +understanding+
(havannah) of the temple much preceeds its building (bniyah, a related
word), and I, for one, will stay alert to your learned discussions. 

With best wishes
Dr. Yitzhak HAyutman, cyber-architect
Director, the A cademy of Jerusalem.

Incidentally, a scotsman who wrote about the temple and whom I became
friendly with when he was working in Israel is Gordon Strachan. I believe he
is now teaching at your university. Could it be so?

At 11:46 AM 8/17/96 +0100, you wrote:
>To "Academy at Jerusalem" (no name given-please be aware that it is
>considered polite to give one's actual name on this list):
>The concerns you raise about the temple seem to be tied to very intense
>political, religious, and eschatological issues that are not normally the
>concern of this list.  The point of Orion is the academic study of the Dead
>Sea Scrolls--i.e., historical and philological (etc.) questions primarily
>of interest to specialists.  I think you will find that the type of
>political and religious questions you raise are really not appropriate to
>Orion and I encourage you to look for another forum to air them.  This is
>not meant as a criticism of your views or your posting, but merely as a
>clarification of the nature of this list.
>With best wishes,
>Jim Davila
>Jim Davila
>University of St. Andrews