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Re: Scriptorum/scriptorium

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Might I point out that itís hot and itís August, and judging by what goes on
here every year ó the nerves are freyed (spelling??) and people blow up over
non-issues. All of us have special likes and dislikes. Judith Wegner likes
to upgrade the level of accuracy in formal expression. Why not enjoy it and
even learn now and again minor interesting points ó like the parallel
"Auditorium" and "Scriptorium". I liked that. Anyway, when September comes,
the hot issues of the summer will surprisingly become much cooler.
All the best to all and sundry, ngcohen

At 02:46 PM 16/08/96 -0500, you wrote:
>	I want to thank both Ms. Brown and Jim West for their responses, 
>As to Ms. Brown's self-described "pedantry", I can assure her and Jim 
>West I was not offended by the "mini lesson". In fact I was both amused 
>and instructed by it. Since I have taught at the university level for forty 
>eight years (and counting) and served as editor of several scientific 
>journals, I understand the urge to pedantry. However, Jim West is right 
>that it wastes time to indulge it unnecessarily.
>	I thank Jim West for addressing my query rather than my 
>spelling.  I have read a number of Frank Cross.


Dr. Naomi G. Cohen
Haifa University