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Re: temples

To "Academy at Jerusalem" (no name given-please be aware that it is
considered polite to give one's actual name on this list):

The concerns you raise about the temple seem to be tied to very intense
political, religious, and eschatological issues that are not normally the
concern of this list.  The point of Orion is the academic study of the Dead
Sea Scrolls--i.e., historical and philological (etc.) questions primarily
of interest to specialists.  I think you will find that the type of
political and religious questions you raise are really not appropriate to
Orion and I encourage you to look for another forum to air them.  This is
not meant as a criticism of your views or your posting, but merely as a
clarification of the nature of this list.

With best wishes,
Jim Davila

Jim Davila
University of St. Andrews