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search for member

To the list:
   Your tolerance, please, for a moment. I am searching for a particular 
member of the list, a Ph.D. student at Graduate Theological Union. A few 
months ago, I posted a message about disability and exclusion at Qumran. 
It pertained to texts that prohibited the blind and others with physical 
disability from entering the Temple City and from the eschatological 
battle. At that time that student expressed interest in my sharing 
some current research with her. Unfortunately, I have lost her e-mail 
address. That article is finished, now, and I would like to send it to 
you and also I would like to update you about a possible consultation at 
SBL. Please contact me at smelche@emory.edu     -- Thanks to the members 
of the list for letting me make this search.

-- Best, Sarah Melcher