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Re: Women in power, was Re: Ezra-Neh

On Sat, 3 Aug 1996 PWEGNER@BROWNVM.brown.edu wrote:

> >. Rather, the understanding that
> made Hulda possible despite the general view of women was that some women
> are exeptional enough to reach such positions.*This in some sense would
> be true for men too - not every body got to be a Moses.*<
> Did you listen to yourself as you wrote this?  It seems to this reader
> (given the exponential difference  in the number of the "some" women as opposed
> to the number of male prophets recorded in Scripture) that you find it quite
> acceptable that these women should be very few in number as contrasted with the
> number of men who made it into the ranks of the prophets....

What a trully wierd interpretation of my post. I have nowhere defines the 
situation as "acceptable" or gave it any other marks. I have made a 
rather precise point - that one cannot argue from general shauvinist 
views of  society to the _absolute_ inability of women to reach power. 
How do you get "acceptability" from this is beyond me. As for feminist 
scholarship, I read quite a bit of it. If you know of something that 
contradicts my point above [not any old point you might care to argue, 
but this particular point] than quote it.