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Re: Re: Ezra-Neh

On     Sat,  3 Aug 96 21:57 +0200, STONE@vms.huji.ac.il writes:

>Dear Subscribers to the Orion net,
>I wonder whether a discussion of Shishak's historicity is
>relevant in a group dedicated to "The Dead Sea Scrolls and
>Associated Literature". Summer IS a quiet time, but let's
>try to keep reasonably close to our guidelines.
>I have also forgotten how the discussion of women authors/
>prophets related to the Dead Sea Scrolls and Associated
>Literature. I suppose it did originally.
>Michael Stone
>Director, Orion Center
   Agreed.  I was hoping that the discussion would show if J material from
   the Torah appeared in DDS material.  Presenting J as a women apparently
   hit a raw nerve.

   Sorry.  I didn't expect it to.  I also was hoping to discuss the Atenist
   flavor of some parts of the Temple Scroll as I have understood it.

Tom Simms