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Re: Ezra-Neh

On Sat, 03 Aug 96 14:03:00 -0000 (B+2), yonsaf@beitberl.beitberl.ac.il
>Shishak (Sheshonk) is mentioned in Egyptian texts. It's hard to claim 
>that "contemporary texts lie" when we have confirmation from 2 
>independent sources.

   I agree.  The Egyptian source was constructed by the king while he lived!
   There is an argument now among some Egyptologist over the date of his
   reign but, IMO, the error may be one of perhaps twenty years.

> As for the historicity of Solomon (and David), there has been an 
>ongoing discussion in the First Century Judaism group, and I refer you 
>to that. I don't think the last word has been said.

   There is still a lot of material yet to be found but for current relics
   the issue, again IMO, is just not there.  I have seen the strained exegesis
   being argued in other quarters and it lacks substance beyond relying on
   material separate from the events by many years.  NT scholars are in a
   similar bind looking for the Historical Jesus.  I trust you noted my
   reference to Arrian's methodology.  We may have that from D but it's not
   plainly stated.  Baruch Halpern is instructive.

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