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Re: Wolmen [sic] in the Scrolls & Gnosticism

Certainly the Judeo-Christian world was very much influenced by 
Gnosticism. God/Jesus being the true God and Satan the "God of this 
world" being the Demiurge. This plays a central role in Christian 
theology. But was this formula taught by Jesus and his apostles? Or 
was it later altered by Gnostic gentiles who became Christian, 
such as Simon Magus. 
     There were two conflicting schools of mystical thought in 
Christ's time: Merkavah Mysticism and Gnosticism, both used each 
others ideas, yet were very different in their approach to 
"monotheism". And both greatly contributed to Christianity. The 
Essenes were perhaps also involved in both forms of mystical 
thaught in one form or another. 
     I would like to draw attention to Gershom Scholem's book 
"Jewish Gnosticism, Merkabah Mysticism, and the Talmudic 

Brad Harrison
Phila. Pa