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Re: Leviticus DSS

> Dear Mr. Baker,
> The following is a list of scrolls from the Judaean desert classified as
> biblical and containing portions of Leviticus.  Publication information for
> the critical edition of each entry is listed in the right column;
> publication information for preliminary editions of several of these
> manuscripts (e.g., 4QExod-Lev-f, 4QLev-c, 4QLev-d, 4QLXXLev-a,
> pap4QLXXLev-b) is not included here.
> To the best of my knowledge, this list represents all Leviticus mss found
> in the Judaean desert; as you can see, all have been published in some
> form.
> 2QNum-d? is listed here because its contents are designated in DJD III as
> Num 18:8-9, but also possibly as Lev 23:1-3. 
> The contents of these mss are listed in Eugene Ulrich's recent article, "An
> Index of the Passages in the Biblical Manuscripts From the Judean Desert
> (Genesis-Kings)," Dead Sea Discoveries 1/1 (1994) 113-129.
> Hope this helps!
> Catherine Murphy

To the list that Ms Murphy offered the following should be added.  
They are not biblical manuscripts, but they are citations of 
Leviticus found in some nonbiblical documents.

4QD(a)  has Halakah on Lev 13 and 15; pub. by Milik in Revue Biblique 

4QtLev is a Targum of Leviticus 16:12-21 (vss 16-17 missing due to 
lacuna); pub in DJD 6 p.87.

11QMelch offers 3 passages: Lev 25:9, 10(?) and 13.  Pub. by van der 
Woude in "Oudtestamentische Studien" 14 (1965) p. 354-373.
Dave Washburn
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