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Re: "The Holy Spirit", and the Dead Sea Scrolls

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At 11:30 AM 6/27/96 -0700, netzarim@netvision.net.il wrote(in part):
>>Yirmiyahu:...  The Kavod Ha-Shem is somewhat synonymous (not 
>>always) with the Sh'khiynah, which is somewhat synonymous (not always) with
>>the Ruakh Ha-Kodeysh (Spirit of Holiness).

>Robert Schacht: Yirmiyahu, Could you elaborate on this point, please? Can you provide 

>some examples?  And thanks for your interesting analysis of the role of the Spirit of
>Holiness in the Qumran sect.

Yirmiyahu: I've based my comments on information concerning the theme shared by 
three Hebrew descriptions in Tanakh rather than the DSS.  Consequently, discussion 
non- DSS sources of the area where the Sh'khiynah, Ruakh Ha-Kodeysh and Kavod Ha-Shem 
overlap, blur, merge, converge and diverge may be venturing into a tangential area 
that, unless a general interest in this thread is expressed on the list, we might 
better continue privately and/or on Crosstalk.  I'll send the elaboration and examples 
to you privately in the meantime.
	With respect to Orion, however,
1. I wish to acknowledge my awareness that projecting this into the Qumran sect, beyond 
the generalization that MMT implies the Qumran sect agreed on halakhah where not 
otherwise specified, is speculative.  I don't claim anything more than that.
2. If anyone knows of any information in the DSS that would corroborate or contradict 
this idea I'm interested to learn of it.

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Yirmiyahu Ben-David, Pakiyd 16
K'hiylat Ha-N'tzarim
(World-wide Congregation of Nazarene / Nazorean Jews)
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