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Leviticus DSS

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Subject: Re: Leviticus DSS

>Dear colleagues,
>        Does anyone have a list of Leviticus MS found in the Qumran area, 
>whether published or unpublished documents? Publication information for the 
>former would be appreciated.
>        Thanks in advance for the help.
>                David Baker

Dear Mr. Baker,

The following is a list of scrolls from the Judaean desert classified as
biblical and containing portions of Leviticus.  Publication information for
the critical edition of each entry is listed in the right column;
publication information for preliminary editions of several of these
manuscripts (e.g., 4QExod-Lev-f, 4QLev-c, 4QLev-d, 4QLXXLev-a,
pap4QLXXLev-b) is not included here.

To the best of my knowledge, this list represents all Leviticus mss found
in the Judaean desert; as you can see, all have been published in some

2QNum-d? is listed here because its contents are designated in DJD III as
Num 18:8-9, but also possibly as Lev 23:1-3. 

The contents of these mss are listed in Eugene Ulrich's recent article, "An
Index of the Passages in the Biblical Manuscripts From the Judean Desert
(Genesis-Kings)," Dead Sea Discoveries 1/1 (1994) 113-129.

Hope this helps!

Catherine Murphy
Graduate assistant to Eugene Ulrich
University of Notre Dame



1Q3.   1QpaleoLev              D. Barthelemy, DJD I (1955) 51-4, pls. VIII-IX
                                 (this ms, published as one entity, is actually
                                 [at least] 3 separate mss - 2 of Lev and 
                                 1 of Num)

2Q5.   2QpaleoLev              M. Baillet, DJD III (1962) 56-7, pl. XII
2Q9.   2QNum-d?                M. Baillet, DJD III (1962) 59-60, pl. XII

4Q17.  4QExod-Lev-f            F. M. Cross, DJD XII (1994) 133-44, pl. XXII
4Q23.  4QLev-Num-a             E. Ulrich, DJD XII (1994) 153-76, pls. XXIII-XXX
4Q24.  4QLev-b                 E. Ulrich, DJD XII (1994) 177-87, pls. XXXI-XXXIV
4Q25.  4QLev-c                 E.Tov, DJD XII (1994) 189-92, pl. XXXV
4Q26.  4QLev-d                 E.Tov, DJD XII (1994) 193-5, pl. XXXVI
4Q26a. 4QLev-e                 E.Tov, DJD XII (1994) 197-201, pl. XXXVII
4Q26b. 4QLev-g                 E.Tov, DJD XII (1994) 203-204, pl. XXXVII
4Q119. 4QLXXLev-a              P. W. Skehan and E. Ulrich, DJD IX (1992) 161-5, 
                                  pl. XXXVIII
4Q120. pap4QLXXLev-b           P. W. Skehan and E. Ulrich, DJD IX (1992)
                                  pls. XXXIX-XLI

6Q2.   6QpaleoLev              M. Baillet, DJD III (1962) 106, pl. XX

11Q1.  11QpaleoLev-a           D. N. Freedman and K. A. Matthews, The 
                                 Paleo-Hebrew Leviticus Scroll (11QpaleoLev) 
                                 (Philadelphia: ASOR, 1985);
                               see also E. Puech, "Notes en marge, de 
                                 11QpaleoLevitique: Le fragment L, des fragments
                                 inedits et une jarre de la grotte 11," Revue 
                                 Biblique 96 (1989) 161-83
11Q2.  11QLev-b                J. P. M. van der Ploeg, "Lev IX,23-X,2 dans un 
                                 texte de Qumran," Bibel und Qumran (ed. 
                                 S. Wagner; Berlin: Evangelische 
                                 Haupt-Bibelgesellschaft, 1968) 153-5;
                               see also J. P. M. van der Ploeg, "Les Manuscrits
                                 de la grotte XI de Qumran," RevQ 12 (1985-1987)

Mas1a. MasLev-a                S. Talmon, "Fragments of Two Leviticus Scrolls 
                                from Masada," Eretz Israel 24 (1993) 99-110
Mas1b. MasLev-b (olim MLev)    S. Talmon, Eretz Israel 24 (1993) 99-110