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Re: Leviticus DSS

On 27 Jun 1996 David W. Baker wrote:

> 	Does anyone have a list of Leviticus MS found in the Qumran area,
> whether published or unpublished documents? Publication
> information for the former would be appreciated.

One of the articles identified by Eugene Ulrich in an earlier post will 
give you a list of mss.  This is:

E. Ulrich.  "An Index of the Passages in the Biblical Manuscripts 
>From the Judean Desert (Genesis-Kings)"  Dead Sea Scroll Discoveries 
1(1994) 113-129.

PAM and other photo numbers, publications through 1993/94 and 
projections of which volume in the DJD series will contain the full 
publication of mss can be found in:

S. A. Reed.  _The Dead Sea Scrolls Catalogue: Documents, Photographs 
and Museum Inventory Numbers._  SBL Resources for Biblical Study, 32.  
Atlanta: Scholars, 1994.

Hope this helps.

Richard Weis
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