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Re: Allegro Qumran Collection

I am pleased to announce the publication of the Allegro Qumran 
Collection.  Nearly 1500 photographs have been produced on 30 fiches 
to accompany the official IAA scrolls microfiche.  Published jointly 
by E.J. Brill and IDC of Leiden.  The photographs and catalogue are 
arranged in four sections.
A. Archaeological pictures.  Here there are several pictures of loci 
and items which no longer exist and some of which were never 
photographed by the official excavators.  P. Donceel-Voute and J.-B. 
Humbert have both expressed great interest in this series and 
encouraged its publication.
B. Biography.  This is a small group of biographical pictures, mostly 
of the scrollery and the original team.  Some of these photographs 
are very famous, having been reproduced dozens of times in 
introductions to the scrolls.  Now everyone can see the full range of 
Allegro's portfolio, and can see what is available in colour too 
(though not in colour on the fiches).
C. Copper Scroll.  Here are all of Allegro's photos of the copper 
scroll, both those taken in MAnchester and those taken later in 
D. Documentary Photographs.  Here are photos of manuscripts, mostly 
from cave 4, some of which were taken at stages in the process of 
identification between photographs in the PAM series.  Some preserve 
readings or are clearer than those in the IAA fiches.
By putting the whole collection in the public domain, everybody will 
be able to see immediately without travelling to Manchester precisely 
what the collection contains.
The fiches and catalogue can be ordered from E.J. Brill, POBox 9000, 
2300 PA Leiden, The Netherlands (tel 31 71 53 53 564; fax 31 71 53 17 
532) or 24 Hudson Street, Kinderhook, NY12160, USA (tel 1-800-962-
4406 ext 11; fax 518-758-1959)
George J. Brooke (editor)