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Re: DSS- Gnostic parellels?

The citation is: Louis Ginzberg, An Unknown Jewish Sect, NY 1976. Is a
translation from German, except for chapters 8 and 10 which were not
previously published. 

I too found the book a monument to Ginzberg's acumen and common sense, which
enabled him to understand the limited material at his disposal, little of
which has been disproven.
sincerely, ngcohen

At 02:04 PM 20/06/96 -0400, you wrote:
>In a message dated 96-06-14 02:28:56 EDT, you write:
>>> I believe that Schechter's book referred to is the editio princips of 
>>> Damascus Doc.  More helpful will be his book "An Unknown Jewish Sect" 
>>> which is a translation of several articles published previously in 
>>> German.
>>it was louis ginzberg in the early part of the century-- the rabbinic
>>"parallels" are so well done they remain unparalleled to this day--
>>always worth reading.
>Do you happen to have the citation?  I'd like to read it.
>Karen Vaughan


Dr. Naomi G. Cohen
Haifa University