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Allegro Qumran fiche - opinions please

I have just received an unsolicited copy, on approval, of the
Allegro Qumran Photograph Collection on Microfiche from 
E J Brill of the Netherlands. As a subscriber to the Dead Sea Scroll 
fiche I get a discount and the total cost will be 314.08 pounds 

I have had a quick look through some of the fiche and I do not
feel it is worth all that money particularly since I already
have the DSS fiche. There is much duplication (various 
exposures) and photos of people and sites. There is a lot on the 
Copper Scroll. 

Before I return the fiche I was wondering if others thought the
collection worth while. Are there any important documents that
are not shown on the DSS fiche, with the script being easily
readable, that would make it worth the 314 pounds?

             Karl Ian Ransome
   4 Cleekim Road, Edinburgh, EH15 3HU
              Scotland, UK