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Re: 4Q285

Jim West writes:
>Honored friends,
>I would appreciate it if those who have access to this fragment (4Q285)
>could help me clarify a reading.  Line 1 seems to have:
>ysh'whw   hnvi'  (Yehoshua hu  ha navi)? (Joshua his prophet)?  I realize
>that Garcia-Martinez has "Isaiah".   But is Joshua (or, dare one be so bold,
>Yeshua) not also possible.

Dear Jim:

4Q285  quite clearly refers to Isaiah (Yeshayahu - yod, shin, ayin, yod,
heh, waw) the prophet.  To remove any possible doubts, 4Q285 goes on to
quote from Isaiah 11:1.

Best wishes,

Eric Forster