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Re: Who killed Goliath--David or Elhanan???

>The following assumes a single author while all the evidence we have from
>other works from genesis to second maccabees tells us that there were a
>number of people who were sewing together various accounts. Would the people
>responsible for putting the two discernable accounts of the flood together
>want to cast doubt on the events because the accounts didn't totally agree?
We are talking about 1 Samuel. Only the author/redactor of this material
was in a position to decide whether Elhanan and David were identical. One
question is: did he? I think not; compare what the Chronicler does.

If we are simply accepting that we have independent accounts, it is
meaningless to argue about whether Elhanan and David are 'the same person'.
We have no hisorical evidence for either of them, we do not know the author
of either source (if there are different sources).

Perhaps I should have been clearer.


Philip R Davies
Department of Biblical Studies
University of Sheffield