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Midrash Aggadah

According to avigdor horovitz:
> Would you please give me some more information on this composition 
> "Midrash Aggadah" which you say is Rasi's source.  

There IS a work called Midrash Aggadah; it was published by Solomon Buber
from a single MS, from Aleppo. But it's hardly Rashi's main source. The
name Midtash Aggadah was chosen by Buber himself.  Victor is right that
when Rashi says "midrash aggadah" he is using it generically to mean, "an
aggadic midrash on this verse says..." 

> I wouldn't make a blanket 
> statement "always"; and leave RAshi some room for originality.  

Of course; Rashi's whole point was to add peshat interpretations; he
preserved plenty of midrashic ones, but primarily only when he thought
they fit the text. See his introduction to Song of Songs and the comments
of his grandson, Rashbam, at Gen. 37:2.