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Re: DSS- Gnostic parellels?

I believe that Schechter's book referred to is the editio princips of 
Damascus Doc.  More helpful will be his book "An Unknown Jewish Sect" 
which is a translation of several articles published previously in 
German.  For Karite connections you should look through the work of 
Zeitlin. YOu should also look at Martinez' bibliography at the end of 
qimron's new edition of Damascus document
AVigdor Hurowitz

On Wed, 12 Jun 1996, Brad Harrison wrote:

> You might want to check out the Karaites. They were Jews that 
> rejected Rabbinic authority. They may have perpetuated an adapted 
> forms of Essene philosophy. There was some speculation on this 
> prior to 1948 on their possible connection to the Zodakite 
> fragments. The fact that the Damascus Doc. survived in the Chairo 
> Genizah dictates that some Essene thought survived upto the Middle 
> Ages. . 
>       "Zodakite Fragments" by Solomon Schechter, I think this was 
> the book that drew a Karaite link. 
> Lechem
> aka: Brad Harrison
> Gratz College
> Philly Pa