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Re: Who killed Goliath--David or Elhanan???


you know that the question: why would somebody in ancient times is 
stricly not a legal one: we cannot predict what people might or might 
not have done. The only answer to it is that you thik that an anthor 
would not have done this or that.

Otherwise, did you read my quotation marks? there is some fiddling 
around with names for the so-called early period of the monarchy. 
Remember a note by - was it Holladay - back in JBL in 1948 (or so do 
I believe) about the Edomite kinglist (Gen 36:36ff), where you have 
this sequence: Samla, Shaul and Ba'al-Hanan. He combined with the 
biblical names of Saul, David and Solomon, and notes that they seemed 
very much the same, so that Ba'al-Hanan was the same as Elhanan, and 
the place in the list showed this Elhanan to be another name for a 
king = David. Now he speculated about history. We do the same about 
literary motives and traditions. It may be such divergencies and 
similarities which show us how traditions were collected and edited - 
even discussed - in the period both of us like to see as the 
background of these narratives.


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