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Re: Who killed Goliath--David or Elhanan???

>>>The question was 'answered' by a Hungarian scholar, Palozdy back in
>>>the 1950s (I believe in ZAW 1956). That Elhanan and David could be
>>>one and the same.
>This is not a 'solution'. Or if it is, it works only in order to create
>another one: why would an author who appears to know that David is called
>David (and so calls him everywhere else) call him by another name, unless
>he wanted to cast doubt on whether it was David. And if he wanted to cast
>doubt, maybe he was right?
>I am an admirer of Rashi, all the same; he knew what to think and what to
>say and how the two were not necessarily the same.

Philip, Rashi's source appears to be a Midrash in Ruth Rabbah (Although the
Targum does say the same, it is very common for Rashi to say that his source
is the Targum when it is not the simple meaning and that is his source. He
constantly brings Midrashim without ascribing it to them.) I find it hard to
believe that he would write this if he didn't believe it.

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