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Re: Radio carboned dss

There were several scrolls dated by Paleographic dating out of 
range or marginal range of the C14's margin of error. "Testament of 
Kohath was dated Paleographically 388-353 BCE, C14 100-75 BCE, 
for example. I believe the margin of error was to be +/- 175 years? 
We have an error of over 250 years in this instance. Though the 
findings on most of the scrolls was not so extreme, but on some of 
the others the results were also off. Book of Isaiah and the 
Pentateuch were marginal. TL dating and C14 tests on all the 
scrolls could clear alot up. I do not like the selective C14 dating on 
only certain scrolls. 

aka: Brad Harrison
Gratz College
Philly Pa