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Re: Radio carboned dss

On Sat, 8 Sep 1956, Brad Harrison wrote:

> Still there were scrolls that the C14  didn't collaborate 
> Paleographic dating by several hundreds of years. And that the 
> collaboration was only about 50/50. See chart in Schiffman p.32 
> "RDSS". I simply feel each scroll should have been tested. As there 
> is plenty of room for error. As well as TL dating on the jars. 

I don't have access to my books right now, but if I recall correctly, the
corroboration between the C14 and the paleographic dating only
significantly differed for one scroll.  Otherwise, while the tests tended
to indicate an earlier date for all the scrolls, the paleographic dates
still fell within the tests' margin of error. 

I believe all of the original results were published in various articles
in the journal _Radiocarbon_.

As for why they didn't test all 800 or so manuscripts, my guess would be
that the testing process is expensive. 

Finally, I was informed by private mail that what I heard about the
dating of the scrolls being used to test the process itself is highly

andrew gross