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Re: Font needed

> From:          "Dave Washburn" <dwashbur@wave.park.wy.us>
> Date:          Mon, 10 Jun 1996 10:42:32 -7

> I need a Windows TrueType or ATM font in archaic Hebrew, the type 
> used in the Siloam Tunnel inscription, the Gezer calendar, and the 
> Paleo-Hebrew parts of the DSS.  Does anybody know where I can 
> download one?

Since writing my earlier message about a Linguist's Software 
paleo-Hebrew font, I found the URL for the Web site I was trying to 
remember.  It belongs to the Yamada Center at the Univ. of Oregon.  
It's long enough ago that I accessed it that I don't remember whether 
it had a paleo-Hebrew font, but it had quite a variety, and would be 
worth a quick check if you haven't already tried it.

Here's the URL:

Good luck!
Richard Weis

Richard D. Weis                                          rweis@rci.rutgers.edu
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