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Re: Golb and Asphalt

At 10:32 PM 6/6/96 +0000, you wrote:
>Brad Harrison wrote:
>> If Qumran was not occupied by those whom deposited the scrolls,
>> then why were there unique storage jars found in both sites, but no
>> where else in Palestine? Why no weapons? I can do this forever.
>>      Lechem
>> aka: Brad Harrison
>> Gratz College
>I prefer to see Qumran Qumran as a repository for the 
>Jerusalem Temple. When Herod destroys the public records 
>held at the Temple, Temple officials take anything that 
>might smack of being anti-Herodian (secterian manuscripts)  
>and transfer the scrolls to the repository. I agree with 
>Brad that the fort is simply not there, (and neither  are 
>the Essenes).
>Eric Forster
Eric there is the tradition of a  hiding place for temple scrolls,that would
support such a view.A huiding placed  used during the fall of zion in  70 a.c.e
Now  how does one make  such a connection beyond a
reasonable doubt? The idea of qumran as as essene settlement,is stong in the
minds of tourist today.
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