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Re: Computerized study of Biblical Hebrew

Dear Catherine Murphy, 
I am a graduate student at Concordia Seminary in St. Louis and I have tried
to learn Hebrew twice and both times with only marginal success.  I
recently purchased Hebrew Tutor Multimedia CD-ROM from Parsons Technology. 
This is a good program for someone needing to learn Biblical Hebrew.  The
drills and quizes really help to practice what is being taught.  I have
also found Kelly's Introduction to Biblical Hebrew quite good and
educationally sound.  I learn one thing at a time and then I move and build
on it.  Between the two a student should have a more than adequate
knowledge of Biblical Hebrew. 
Both of these products can be purchased from CBD, (508)977-5000.  I am sure
you ahve heard of them.  If you need more info, just e-mail me and I'll get
it right to you. 
They are usully pretty good about getting things out and they cover the
postage on computer programs! 
Andrew Smith