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Computerized study of Biblical Hebrew

Does anyone know of software programs (Mac and DOS/Windows) that provide
instruction in Biblical Hebrew at the introductory level?  I write this
request on behalf of a professor who cannot provide regular instruction to
interested students because of other teaching obligations, but who would
like to recommend some kind of interactive resource to her students and
then meet with them occasionally to assess their knowledge.  Her students
would need more than flashcards or vocabulary-building materials; they
would need instruction in grammar and the verbal system as well.

I would be interested in any of the following:  1) names of biblical Hebrew
software programs (please include whether the program is Mac or DOS-based);
2) companies that might produce same; 3) web sites that might serve as
resources for these students.

I am *not* interested in biblical Hebrew courses available on the Internet,
if such courses require a student to register for credit with the site
author's institution.  I also do not need further information about Davka
Corporation's offerings (I have already made inquiries into their product
list).  Finally, I have heard that the most recent issue of the AAR/SBL's
"Religious Studies News" has a review of a biblical Hebrew program, and I
will direct the professor to that review.  

If you have any information, please e-mail me privately at
*catherine.m.murphy.19@nd.edu*.  If I collect enough information, I will
post it to the list in a few weeks' time. 

Thank you very much.

Catherine Murphy
Doctoral candidate
Department of Theology
University of Notre Dame
Notre Dame, IN  46556