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Re: Question re LXX, DSS and MT

At 3:01 PM 5/30/96, Sigrid Peterson wrote:
>Yes, it happens all the the time.  4Q(paleo?)Samuel is one such instance,
>and Frank Moore Cross has written about it in "The Earliest Manuscripts
>of the Bible"."  Youmight find it in the volume <b>Qumran and the History
>of the Biblical Text</>, or reprinted in his <b>The Ancient Library of
>Qumran</> but I'm working from memory, without my books, so I'm not sure
>where it is.

"The Oldest Manuscripts from Qumran", Frank Moore Cross, JBL 74 (1955),
reprinted in _Qumran and the History of the Biblical Text_, ed Cross,
Talmon, p147.

(Ditto several other papers in this volume: e.g. FMC's "The Evolution of a
Theory of Local Texts".)

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