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re: Question re LXX, DSS and MT

>This is a general question. If it has already been asked,
>answered, and discussed on this list (to which I am new)
>my apologies.

>Are there any instances where the translation found in the
>Septuagint (LXX) is demonstrably based on the text of the
>Hebrew Bible as found in one of the Dead Sea Scrolls (DSS)
>rather than as found in the Masoretic Text (MT)?

>Thank you.

>Steven Winnett

An excellent question.  In fact the 'Vorlage' (a German word that in textual 
studies means original copy) of the LXX text type is prevelant at Qumran next 
in number to the proto-masoretic text type.  It is in fact one of the few 
identifiable families.  A good example is 4QJer b, a Hebrew fragment that 
belonged to the LXX version of Jeremiah.  Verses 4-11 are condensed, without 
the doxologies, exactly as the LXX.