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Re: Sects

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>>Jim West: If different manuscripts represent different sects, then does 
this not imply different occupants of Qumran- or must we understand that all 

the differing views were "imported" to the caves (but by whom and why?).

Yirmiyahu: You may be making a logically flawed assumption here regarding 
the meaning of the term "imply" when you mean something on the order of 

	To give an example:
Let x = "Different manuscripts",
Let y = "different sects",
Let x be true (i.e., "different manuscripts" were found there), and
*Let* x -> y (x implies y).

	The above means that if x is true, y *is* true, absolutely and 
undeniably -- well, by a scientist anyway (8-{)} -- not merely that "y seems 


	Logic stated this precisely can be translated into computer- 
digestible statements that enable a computer to process the information and 
return the correct statement of truth deriving from the input.  This is the 
level of logical discipline required in scientific and scholarly thinking.

	One importance of this is that ambiguous questions too often turn 
into ambiguous answers -- leading to endless replication of confusion.

	By showing the plausibility of several other possible explanations 
as well, another contributor has demonstrated that x does not imply y.  On 
the other hand, weighing the evidence may allow for x suggesting some as yet 

undetermined likelihood of y (about which I'm making no comment at all, I'm 
commenting strictly on the logic) -- a far more limited, careful, 
disciplined and logically sound statement that is much less likely to foster 

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Yirmiyahu Ben-David, Pakiyd 16
K'hiylat Ha-N'tzarim
(World-wide Congregation of Nazarene / Nazorean Jews)
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