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Re: 7Q5

> I am sending details of a recent publication in the German 
>magazine -Der Spiegel_.
>The main article is entitled "Detektive in Hoehle 7", and is a 
>wide ranging description of recent work on Jesus, referring to Qumran, 
>Gerd Luedemann, and Thiede's work on Cave 7 and the Madgalen papyrus P46.
>There is an description of the debate on the dating of P64, (alas referred 
>to again as "des Oxforder "Jesus Papyrus"", and a separate article on 
>the 7Q5 = Mark debate.
>There are numerous illustrations, photographs of Thiede, etc., including 
>an original size reproduction of 7Q5 and one side of the codex P64.
>The articles are in _Der Spiegel_ Nr 22, 27 Mai 1996, pp. 64-87, and are 
>the first part of a series. Next week's articles will be on the Gospels, 
>Judaism and Rome, etc.
>I hope that this may be of interest to some of you.
>Michael Day
>The University of Reading

The article is available online for those interested.  The URL is 

Jim West