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Re: daniels prophecy on the apocalypse

>i am researching this topic and would be interested in reference 
>material, literary parellels, opinions
Hello Morris; your question is somewhat loaded in that Daniel's prophecy
covers some 2500 years beginning with the Babylonian Exile to the end of the
age. Therefore, you must confine your research to segments or the entire
period over which his prophetic messages would cover. Example: the "seventy
weeks" of years themselves (490 literal years) covers well over 2000 years.
The seventy weeks are also 10 Jubilees! Nine Jubilees plus 42 months of the
last Jubilee had already occured at Messiah's death, leaving only seven
literal years (having to do with Israel) which does not begin until a false
messiah (Daniel 9:27) comes on the scene to fake the fulfilling of Micah 5.
So, if you would please define your area of interest, and would consider my
humble offering, I would be more than happy to share my findings. My some
eight years of research has focused on Daniel's visionary view of the future
up to the end of the age which somewhat parallels the Book of Revelation.

Yahshua's riches blessings your way.
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