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Re: Number of women at Qumran

On Fri, 17 May 1996, YRUSALEM wrote:

The question to be asked 
> is whether nails imply wood ipso facto, or could they have had some 
> other use, ie ornimentation, indication of status or the like?
> yours Pinchas Richard Wimberly, Jerusalem
> > No mention of wooden coffins, by any chance? Otherwise, what would be the 
> > function of nails?
> > 
> > Best, Asia
> > 

Nails would not do much good with a clay, leather or cloth container. On 
the other hand, if one wants to assume that nails were put in "to 
indicate status", apart from the problem of explicating this ritual, 
the problem is that nails are then _unconnected_ to the question or 
reburial, since they no longer indicate the presence of a container.

Best, Asia