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Re: More abount monks, Durant etc.

Jack Phillips wrote:
<I would appreciate information on the work "Newman's lines" if it is the
<work from which you quoted information on the Rechabites. I've yet to see a
<work devoted to or at least one in which the Rechabite ancestral heritage is
<traced. This has become a most facinating study; and I had no idea they
<would be in some way mentioned in works pertaining to the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Matthew Black, in the Scrolls and Christian Origins, was an early scrolls
scholar to suggest that "The basic elements in hasidic Judaism which
eventually crystallized into the sect or order of the Essenes go very far
back in deed into Israel's religious past.  I refer to their asceticism which
is undoubtedly to be traced to an ultimate origin in the ancient tribal
asceticism of Israel, in particular that of the Rechabites or Kenites" (p.

Steve St.Clair