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Re: More abount monks, Durant etc.

Hello Mark; the following comment in your letter caught my intereset because
I've been doing considerable research on the Rechbites. (Jer. 35) I am just
getting into serious consideration of a study in the Scrolls, but do not
want to waste money on works which are on the book shelves  for the sake of
financial gain; so, I'm yet searching for a credible work on the Scrolls.

> and "Newman's lines, "Now truant in untimely rest,
>The mood of Essene' indicate the popular estimate of these Jewish monks."
>and "Its ranks were recruited from without, like a monastic brotherhood,
and >its ascetic practices were different from those of the Rechabites."
This article
>is interesting and draws together many ancient references to Essenes in a
>single place.
>Mark Dunn
I would appreciate information on the work "Newman's lines" if it is the
work from which you quoted information on the Rechabites. I've yet to see a
work devoted to or at least one in which the Rechabite ancestral heritage is
traced. This has become a most facinating study; and I had no idea they
would be in some way mentioned in works pertaining to the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Any help from anyone on this request would be greatly appreciated. I am a
new subscriber, but if I had a wish, it would be to see some important
Scroll translations posted to the group. All of us cannot possibly acquire
the expertise in doing this for ourselves, therefore, we must depend on
someone who has some experience in this area. And finally, is most everyone
here following a particular area of study; I noticed Ezra and Nehemiah
mentioned several times.

Best wishes to all.

Yahshua's riches blessings your way.
Serving in and for Him;          
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