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Re: Nehemiah among the Scrolls

>Yet a fragment of Ezra has been identified at Qumran- but Nehemiah is as
>absent as Esther.
>So can it be said that the evidence from Qumran shows that Ezra and Nehemiah
>were separate works;
>or is this simply the argument from silence rearing its ugly head once again?

>Jim West

I guess on important question would be how many fragments of Ezra have been
found - if it is only one, then one could easily argue that it is just
coincidence that a piece of Ezra was found and not of Nehemiah - if parts of
ten scrolls of Ezra have been found then the silence over Nehemiah would be

I don't have a handy list of the biblical scrolls - can someone give the


Jeremy Duff
D.Phil Student
Jesus College, Oxford