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To Jim West who wrote:
>The [dss] CD is very basic- more of an intro to Scrolls studies than anything
Agreed it aims at someone who knows little at all about the subject, but
there is a fair amount if you dig for it.

>It also, at least in its earliest incarnation, had several glitches
>which caused it to shut down a lot.
Run under Windows, my version seems quite stable.

>The worst part is that you cant print anything.  You can look, but you cant
>touch seems to have been the motto of the makers.
Jim, you can easily go to the cd-rom itself with file-manager in Windows, or
its equivalent access to disks on Mac, and print the text files from there
if you want -- although it won't be nicely formatted as you see it on screen.

>To me, the money would be better spent on a book of photographs.
I'm not a great fan of the cd-rom myself, yet I feel this reaction is too
harsh. The reconstruction of the buildings is done well and should give a
clear idea of one way of perceiving the buildings (and these animations are
good fun as well!). The discussions from the protagonists of the drama side
of the dss are most, if not all, to be heard on the cd-rom (I tend to view
them straight from file manager).

It's a mixed bag, but not to be written off too quickly.

Ian Hutchesson