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Re: DSS Course (monastery theory)

> Just wanted to ask what evidence other than speculative linguistic and
vague > cultic connections are there between what we know of the two groups
(Essenes > and Hasidim)?

> Inquisitive in Italy

There is an extensive body of material, "Ency. Jud.", and "Essenes" by C.D.
Ginzberg for example, linking the Essenes with the Hassideans. The
Hassideans were a group of religious purists who supported Judas Maccabaeus. 
These Hassideans were called Hasidim or Chasidim as well by scholars and

I have written extensively on this, but in a work I plan to publish. But
there is historical evidence. It is believed that the Pharisees and the
Essenes were branches of the Hassidean movement. It seems very plausible
that certain Qumran finds reflect traditions prior to the development of the 
known sectarian groups, Essenes, Sadducees etc. 

    And that the Essenes were trying to hold unto earlier ways, while the
other sects were expressing divergent attributes of the Hassidean movement.
Certainly one cannot say that the Hassidean movement were Essenes, but they
were linked in a continous tradition, in principle.   

Though I don't want to get too detailed as I plan to submit my findings to a 
publisher soon. So right now I just want to build up suspence. 

Anyone know a good publisher? 

Lechem ben HaAri

AKA: Brad Harrison
Phila. Pa
BA MA Gratz College