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Re: DSS Course

>The many postings which indicate that the conventional wisdom on the scrolls
>is erroneous has placed me between Scylla and Charybdis.
>Next semester I am to teach a course on the scrolls; but now serious doubts
>have been raised about my course outline.  Like the serpent in the garden,
>you have planted the seed of doubt in my soul and I must therefore ask your
>If the conventional wisdom is wrong- then what can one present to a group of
>eager students as "fact" concerning the DSS?

Students should never be taught theories as if facts. There are enough data
that can be imparted and several theories to account for them. If you can
explain what the theories are trying to do with the facts (including the
presuppositons) you'll be doing the younger generation a favour! They'll
(a) have tsimilar course explaining
why peple think what they do about the DSS would illuminate the confusions
a little bit. Hard data do not have to disappear from such a course

Philip Davies

Philip R Davies
Department of Biblical Studies
University of Sheffield