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Re: DSS Course


Is education the presentation of "facts," or does it have something to do 
with teaching students to use intelligence and discrimination to sort out 
the "facts" and evaluate different approaches to their interpretation.  
If you must have "facts" to present from a position of authority, in this 
situation they must be the alternative positions that are beginning to 
form around the interpretation of the Scrolls (check the ready flow of 
books on the Scrolls for these); however, do your students a favor, and 
instead of trying to play the authority in a field which is in a very 
healthy flux, be their guide and mentor as they come to grips with the 
study of the Scrolls.  Note that at least some of the books will give you 
a sense of the sides of the discussion (VanderKam's recent publication is 
one possibility here).

David Suter
Saint Martin's College

On Sun, 5 May 1996, Jim West wrote:

> Friends,
> The many postings which indicate that the conventional wisdom on the scrolls
> is erroneous has placed me between Scylla and Charybdis.
> Next semester I am to teach a course on the scrolls; but now serious doubts
> have been raised about my course outline.  Like the serpent in the garden,
> you have planted the seed of doubt in my soul and I must therefore ask your
> help.
> If the conventional wisdom is wrong- then what can one present to a group of
> eager students as "fact" concerning the DSS?
> Where is one to turn for the most up to date theories?  And in good
> conscience what can one really say about the scrolls?
> Thanks-
> Jim West