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Re: women at Qumran

> A final question:  I seem to remember an archaeologist specializing in 
> human remains in a TV report on the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius that buried 
> Pompeii commenting that the gender of a human skeleton could not be 
> determined with absolute certainty.  Does anyone know with what certainty 
> we should be taking the reports of male and female remains in the graves 
> at Qumran?
> David Suter
> Saint Martin's College

Male and female remains are easily determined by the hip bones. But if they
are not well preserved then there is a problem. But the Hip bones are not
the first bones to decompose. And are usually present in a well preserved
burial. Women have wide hips that allow for childbirth. I wish I could
illustrate it, but the shape of the Pelvic girdle between men and women is
very distinct. 

Lechem ben HaAri

AKA: Brad Harrison
Phila. Pa
BA MA Gratz College