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Re: women at Qumran

To Ita Sheres who wrote:
>The presence of women at Qumran does not
>automatically suggest that the sectarians' views about women were
>necessarily more "enlightened" than some other misgynists of the period
Being one of those not convinced about the "Qumran sect" theory, I find the
existence of women's graves at Qumran something that challenges the basis of
a the monastery style sect as hypothesized. Misogyny I would have thought
was a rather global thing in those times, and thus the documents reflect a
more general perspective in this case.

Ian Hutchesson

>they [the sectarians!?] were "trapped" in a dilemma because they
>fully accepted the command to procreate but also accepted the "pollution"
>associated with it - so how can one overcome that "problem"?  
The old double standard is how. Doublethink wasn't invented by George
Orwell, just the name. You'd defend your mamma tooth and nail, while
attacking the wily wicked woman.