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Re: 4Q287: Spirit and Messia

>"The Holy Spirit rested on His Messiah" is not the correct reading of
4Q287. For the correct one "[speaking rebe]llion against the anointed
ones of His holy spirit" see J. T. Milik, "Milki-sedeq et Milki-resa`,"
JJS 23 (1972), p. 134. See also my paper "Processes of Emergence of
Sectarian Texts in Qumran," Beit Mikra 40/3 [142] (1995), p. 247.<

May I issue a plea to everyone who offers translations of any DSS text to
be good enough to include the actual  CONSONANTAL TEXT  itself.  It is
difficult for a listmember who does not have photographs of the text to hand
to follow the discussion unless this is done -- including any relevant infor-
mation about whether a particular letter is ambiguous or lacking or otherwise
hard to reconstruct.

Thank you in advance for your trouble.

Judith Romney Wegner, Connecticut College