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Re: women at Qumran

Somehow I get the feeling that i have become involved in a big game of 
"postoffice". None of the words below connected to my name did I write. I 
beleive that they were Ian's speculations. 
As I remember from the lecture of Broshi, his opinion was that the nails 
indicate reburial, since the bones would be carted in wooden boxes and 
then all this would be buried together. That's all. How could you orient 
a box of bones? I don't know and did not hear anything on this.
Yours Pinchas Richard Wimberly, Jerusalem

On Wed, 1 May 1996, JP Arnold wrote:

> At 03:29 AM 4/30/96 +0200, you wrote:
> >To Pinchas Richard Wimberly who wrote:
> >>> Could you elucidate on how irt someone of a high class or big "wallet".
> Obviously there's something
> >here about the nails. Are there any precedents? any other examples that
> >might clarify?
> >
> Perhaps the nails were meant as "markers" to designate coffins containing
> females from those containing men--so as to facilitate separation for
> purposes of "Qumranic purity"?  We need to know how many nails, male
> children coffins nailed or un-nailed, etc.  My hunch is the answer to
> the presence of nails in some coffins and their absence in others is 
> related somehow to the religious views of these religious folk (all
> buried facing East, correct?)
> Phillip Arnold