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Superman and the Dead Sea Scrolls

For those of you outside the US --

Last night's episode of Lois and Clark--The new adventures of Superman had some amusing references to the Dead Sea Scrolls.
Lois Lane found a page torn out of a "very old" book.  She couldn't figure out what language it was in.  Superman did not recognize the language.  They took the page and matched it to where is was torn out from. (The TV was not clear enough to read the page or even verify if Hebrew characters were on the page) Since they couldn't figure out the words they took it to an "expert" (A psychic medium!)

She read and translated the page.  They figured out it was written in Aramaic, it was from the Dead Sea Scrolls, and it was the story of Noah. 

This only shows how far pop culture will go to capitalize on the "Dead Sea Scrolls"



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