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Re: Testament of 'Amram

On 19 Apr. James R. Davila asked if somebody could give an 
explanation of the translation (kn as "smiling" in my The Dead Sea 
Scrolls Translated. The translation looks so strange that he suggest 
a possible mistranlation from the Spanish "serpiente". 
Well, I will not dear to assert that the English translation does not 
contain some strange mistranslations from the Spanish original in 
spite of the care of Wilfried Watson (it certainly has), but this is 
not one of them. 
The explanation of this translation lies in one article I published 
long time ago in the Revue de Qumran 45/12 (1985), 111-114 "4Q`Amram 
B I,14: Melki-sedeq o Melki-resha" in which I expressed my own 
reading and explanation of the word in question in the two cases it 
appear in 4Q`Amran (in the light of its occurence in 11QtgJob).

Florentino Garcia Martinez
Qumran Instituut
Rijksuniversiteit Groningen